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"I had the pleasure of witnessing Felix' first solo performance with his modular synth (aka 'The Bomb') earlier this year, and can confirm Kōbe is a fine representation of the mysterious granulated sonic ritual he summoned that cold February evening. The patch at the heart of Kōbe yearns with melancholy, yet as it unfolds we're tugged through a vortex into some strange and entirely new territory, sprinkled with dabs of colour and light. Rather than dealing in shards of sound or electronic rhythms, Felix treats his modular synth like a God conducting a weather system; guiding cyclones into each other, forming vast impressionistic clouds damp with emotion."
(Tristan Bath)

Live in Vienna:


released March 1, 2017
Recorded & mixed by Felix-Florian Tödtloff at Ætherweight, Berlin.
Artwork & typeface by Damien Tran.

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tags: ambient Berlin


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Felix-Florian Tödtloff Berlin, Germany


03.04. Berlin D, Urban Spree w/ Zs, Bubu

07.04. Berlin D,
Trxtr as "Nachtwölfe" w/ Vorsicht vor dem Hund, Licht-ung


11.03. Köln D, Gold + Beton w/ Lars Ennsen

10.03. Wiesbaden D, Wakker w/ Lars Ennsen

09.03. Hamburg D, MS Stubnitz w/ Lars Ennsen, DJ Difficult Music

08.03. Bremen D, Spedition w/ Lars Ennsen, Mowlwolve

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